Frank Wolf

Frank Wolf

Canadian Filmmaker, Adventurer, Writer and Environmentalist

Frank Wolf

Called ‘Canada’s most diverse adventurer’ by Canoe & Kayak Magazine, Frank has done an impressive single-season canoe expedition across Canada, whitewater kayaked in Cambodia and Laos, cycled the frozen Yukon River in the dead of winter, sea kayaked around British Columbia’s Haida Gwaii, hiked, pack rafted and sea kayaked the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline and supertanker route from Alberta’s tar sands to the Pacific Ocean, and attempted to row the Northwest Passage.

The common thread between all of Wolf’s expeditions is a mind-boggling degree of difficulty, revealed through creative (some might say impossible) route selection and personal suffering.  He has overcome adversity so many times he considers himself an expert on the topic but what is even more impressive is Wolf’s ability to film insightful and humorous award-winning documentaries along the way.

In 2012 he was named one of Canada’s Top Ten Adventurers by Explore Magazine, and in 2015 he was named One of Canada’s Top 100 Explorers by Canadian Geographic Magazine.


THE HAND OF FRANKLIN (2015 feature documentary)

  • Winner ‘Best Documentary Feature’, 2016 Ramunas Atelier Int’l Independent Film Awards (RAIIFA)
  • Winner ‘Adventure Award’, 2016 San Francisco Int’l Ocean Film Festival (SFIOFF)
  • Winner ‘Best Canadian Film’, 2015 Vancouver Int’l Mountain Film festival (VIMFF)
  • Broadcast on CBC documentary channel

KITTURIAQ (2013 feature documentary)

  • Winner ‘Best Filmmaker’ and ‘Best Adventure Film’, 2014 Waterwalker Film Festival (WWFF)
  • Broadcast on CBC documentary channel

ON THE LINE (2011 feature documentary)

  • Winner ‘Spirit of Action Prize’, 2012 Santa Cruz Film Festival (SCFF)
  • Winner ‘Audience Award’, 2011 Skeena Wild Film Festival (SWFF)
  • Top Ten Most popular films, 2011 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF)
  • Broadcast on CBC documentary channel

MAMMALIAN (2010 feature documentary)

  • Winner ‘Best Environment Film’, 2011 Kendal Mountain Film Festival (KMFF)
  • Winner ‘Best Adventure Film’, 2011 Waterwalker Film Festival (WWFF)
  • Winner ‘Best Canoeing Film’, 2011 Reel Paddling Film Festival (RPFF)
  • Top Ten Most popular films, 2011 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF)
  • Broadcast on CBC documentary channel

BOREALIS (2008 feature documentary)

  • Winner of ‘Grand Prize’ and Winner for ‘Best Canadian Film’, 2009 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF)
  • Top Ten Most popular films, 2011 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF)
  • Broadcast on CBC documentary channel

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  1. The Joyful Art of Change

    An explorer is like an artist, and the wilderness is a blank canvas within which to breathe life into an idea.  The process is challenging, engaging, and most of all, joyful.  By the end, something original and valuable has been created- and it’s something to be proud of. It isn’t an easy process- but nothing worthwhile is. Frank shows us how this ‘change mindset’ allows us to eagerly embrace the ever-evolving challenges we all face in work and in life.

  2. To Think Outside the Box, Get Outside the Box

    Getting out of the box and navigating a new environment- where every corner is fresh and full of possibility- energizes and excites like nothing else. In order to achieve continuous success, it’s essential for each and every one of us to step away from our day to day routine.  Be it a world-class expedition or a new career challenge, getting outside our comfort zone is crucial to an innovative creation process.

  3. Teamwork Tactics - Read between the Lines!

    In his riveting new book “Lines on a Map” Frank Wolf chronicles dozens of difficult, weeks and months-long expeditions with a variety of partners during two decades of world-class adventuring.  No matter the line of work, it’s essential to thrive alongside a revolving door of personalities. Everyone is great at something, and this talk reveals how to successfully achieve goals by emphasizing the strengths of your peers.

  4. Learning from Adversity

    Early in his adventuring career, Frank lost all his equipment and very nearly his own life on a raging river in northern British Columbia during an attempt to cross Canada by canoe.  The lessons he learned from this seemingly crushing failure spurred Frank on to become ‘One of Canada’s Top Ten Adventurers’.   His riveting and inspiring talk will share why his approach to turning temporary failure into permanent success keeps you moving forward towards your goals.

The event was a great success and Frank Wolf was absolutely amazing! I have heard great remarks regarding our keynote speaker, he is an awesome speaker and really knows how to engage the audience. Thank you so much for recommending him for our event, we are very pleased with how it turned out!
Co-Chair, World Water Day Organizing Committee
University of Waterloo, Ontario

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