Gary Jones

Award Winning Comedian, Actor and MC

Gary Jones

When award-winning comedian and improviser, Gary Jones, was eight years old, his class performed the Christmas nativity scene. After all the parts had been assigned, Gary realized that he had not been cast. Thinking fast on his feet, he suggested to his teacher, Mrs. Gammon, that an event this big really needed an M.C. Unbelievably, Mrs. Gammon went for it. Gary’s ad-libbed opening line of, “Jesus, Joseph and Mary, we’ve got a helluva line-up for you tonight, folks,” garnered him his first laugh and Mrs. Gammon her first suspension.

After a few years performing in Toronto’s Second City Comedy Improv Theatre workshop system, Gary was asked to join their National Touring Company. Gary has made audiences laugh ever since with the likes of Martin Short, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie and British comedy superstar, Eddie Izzard.

When Second City set up shop at Expo ’86 in BC, Gary spent the duration of the fair honing his razor-sharp improv chops to rave reviews. He then spent fifteen years as a revered main stage performer at Vancouver Theatresports, garnering more raves reviews and scooping up comedy awards along the way. These awards included a Gold medal at the Calgary Improv Winter Olympics and the top prize at Montreal’s Just For Laughs Improv Championships.

On the eve of the millennium, Gary performed improv comedy in the best place to check his emails: the Redmond, Washington uber-mansion of Microsoft’s Bill Gates and his wife Melinda!! They loved him!

Gary then moved into the world of acting and for 10 years appeared in the coveted role of Chief Master Sergeant Walter Harriman on the smash sci-fi TV hit, ‘Stargate SG:1.’ Thousands of Stargate fans demanding to meet Gary has enabled him to travel the world and appear at conventions in Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, England and all over the U.S. With his unique brand of stand-up comedy and improv, Gary has fans rolling in the aisles with his behind-the-scenes stories of the fabled sci-fi phenomenon.

Flown down to San Diego’s Comicon to host a panel discussion between the cast of Stargate SG:1 and four thousand fans packed into two ballrooms, Gary took what was supposed to be a simple Q & A segment to such hilarious heights that MGM added it to the Special Features section of the Stargate SG:1 Season 10 box set.

Gary has appeared numerous times on the hilarious, hit CBC Radio show, ‘The Debaters,’ and is currently a lead writer for the show. As an actor, his familiar face has appeared in countless feature film & television productions, working with legends such as Katherine Hepburn, Nick Nolte and Andre the Seal, one of whom he witnessed eat a bucket of fish a day.

Gary also fronts a totally improvised jazz trio called The Chip Butcher Quartet. Lyrics improvised, music improvised. What was he thinking?

Gary loves working with top calibre clients to deliver an unparalleled experience of laughs that are written just for you. Whether you need an MC to think on their feet and keep your audience engaged the entire time, or if you need to entertain your audience after dinner or give them a chance to laugh over lunch, Gary Jones will deliver. Audiences often consider his laser-sharp comedy as the highlight of an event.

He enjoys nothing more than spending time behind a podium because as he says, that way he doesn't have to wear any pants!

This year I had the pleasure of working with Gary Jones in his role as MC for Starry Night. I can honestly say that in the long history of Starry Night we have never before the received audience “raves” regarding the show “Host” that we did this year.
There are few people that can handle the “surprises” that take place on the stage of a fundraiser with such hilarity and inclusiveness. Gary had the audience in the palm of his hand from the minute he took the stage. Whether it is his years of improvisational comedy, an innate ability to roll with the punches or think with lightning speed on his feet, the Starry Night “sold out” audience was in tears of laughter throughout the event. He thoroughly entertained the crowd as well as handled all the important details that an MC is responsible for, including thanking important sponsors and honoring the artists that gave their time to the cause. In a word his MC abilities are “magical”. I would not hesitate to recommend Gary Jones for an evening of entertainment, be it in the capacity as host/MC or as the headline entertainer.
Kendra Sprinkling
Founding Executive Director, The Shooting Star Foundation
Fabulous time, and the local talent we have in Vancouver is amazing! Host Gary Jones was an absolute hoot!
Customer Sales & Service Aeroplan Vancouver
“I purchased 20 tickets for client appreciation for Starry Night this year and the host, Gary Jones, had them rolling in the aisles”
Bill Watt
Principal Aptus Benefits
“Talk about quick witted, Gary Jones was amazing”
Jodi Smith
Principal JLS Entertainment
The LEO AWARDS are the largest regional awards program for film and television in North America. It is with pleasure that I submit these comments on behalf of Gary Jones and his tour of duty hosting and presenting our awards ceremonies over the years. Gary’s ability to work within the moment provides a remarkable sense of comfort. I know that whatever challenges he may face will be met with wit,humor and professionalism. Regardless, Gary remains calm, cool and collected. His ability to work under pressure and his improvisational skills are what set him apart. I’ve heard from many of our audience and sponsors alike that Gary sets the tone for a fun, yet dignified, evening. He can be suave one minute and crack you up the next. As the President of the LEO AWARDS my criteria for a host is that they kill on stage, while maintaining the integrity of our program. We honour excellence - we expect it on stage. I’m happy to report Gary Jones always meets our expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend him.
Walter Daroshin
President, LEO AWARDS

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