Farzana Jaffer Jeraj

Best Selling Co-Author, Polymath and Meditator

Farzana Jaffer Jeraj

Farzana began her career in the coaching and motivational field over 19 years ago. Her early studies were in psychology and communication and she is currently a teacher of applied neuroplasticity, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, coaching and meditation.

Farzana is a best selling co-author, polymath and proud nerd. She brings a mix of warmth, professionalism and playfulness to every engagement. Her mission in life is helping each person realize their best self so they can accomplish anything.

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  1. I Cheat at Meditation - Get Zen in 60 Seconds

    Farzana teaches audiences this outstanding and efficient technique to become calm, clear, focused and energized so that they can be their Best Selves. This technique is practiced by the world’s leaders, changemakers, professional athletes and leading actors. After a lifetime of meditation and studies on the mind, trance and brainwaves, Farzana shares that meditation is not about how long you can sit on the floor, nor is it about how good you are at clearing your mind of all thoughts. It’s about getting back to yourself in this busy world. The calmness and your quiet focused mind and resulting energy are simply bonuses. This technique is today's quick and lasting promise to optimal mental health. This session is designed for busy people in our frenetic world. The technique helps groups and individuals access deeper brainwave levels associated with meditation in 60 seconds or less. It truly is Zen in 60 seconds!

  2. Spaghetti Meditation - A non-denominational/non-spiritual way to access the meditative state

    Spaghetti Mediation focuses on helping children learn ways to get calm. It gives children tools to manage their emotions and thus their mindset through the physiology of their bodies.  Farzana shares techniques to teach mediation in the classroom, a boon to today’s teachers.

  3. Leaders Aren't Born, They are Learned. What makes you a leader? Becoming a leader now

    What makes a leader strong and influential is a clearer understanding of what he or she can and can’t control.  While all leaders are born with gifts that have rendered them successful in their businesses, it is not the gifts alone that helped them achieve those successes. It was their skills and attitudes. Through Farzana’s meditation exercises, entrepreneurs and leaders are taught to identify, nurture and improve attitudes and skills to access their inner leader.  Farzana’s meditation tool is one that leaders should have in their toolkit so that they can sharpen their focus and continue to acquire skills and attitudes that will benefit their everyday business practices.  

  4. Selling the Subconscious #Sales #Closing #Buttons

    Sales teams are highly stressed. It’s cliche but true, and we all know how easy it is to lose sight of what your client really needs and wants in those stressful moments.  Farzana, through her training in the subconscious and how people communicate on a subconscious level, will help you understand yourselves and the clients you deal with. Imagine if your teams knew how to speak to their clients’ subconscious to engender trust and respect. Add in her meditation toolkit, and your team will learn how to effectively manage their own communication styles to meet the needs of their clients and sharpen their focus and more effectively concentrate on the tools that will ensure their continued success


  5. Teenagers

    Meditation for Teenagers is a formula for happiness.  It teaches them to develop value based identities and understand what makes them who they are.   It shifts thinking from following the crowd to understanding that thoughts can come and go but identity, behaviour and actions are about beliefs. And that who you are is what you believe.  You control who you are and the only true responsibility you have in any situation is to be your Best Self.

Overall we had very positive feedback about Farzana's presentation; the audience members were very receptive and appreciative of her presence and message. It was a pleasure working with Farzana for this event. As an organizer I really appreciate that she considered our organizational needs, the tone and theme of the day and adapted her talk to appropriately meet our specific group dynamic. She was thoughtful in her presentation, and provided just the right amount of science to support her point of view on the benefit of mindfulness. She handled questions from the audience graciously and set a very respectful tone. I would wholeheartedly recommend her as a keynote for future events. A few participants provided these specific comments about Farzana's talk: "The Key Note Speaker was excellent"; "I loved the guest speaker and this type of gathering. Well done!", "I would have enjoyed more time with the keynote speaker"; "Fazana was a fabulous guest speaker"; "I really enjoyed the keynote speaker; Farzana Jaffer Jeraj, please bring her back again! She was very inspirational."; "I like that the keynote speaker gave us her contact info and encouraged us to connect."
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