Elaine Dembe

Longevity and Wellness Expert, Author

Elaine Dembe

Dr. Elaine Dembe is well known as The L.I.F.E. Doctor™ (Love, Inner Being, Fitness, Energy) and has been a chiropractor and longevity specialist for 35 years.

A sought-after keynote speaker and media personality, Dr. Dembe motivates individuals and employees to strengthen their mental and physical resiliency against multiple stresses and unpredictable times and to find joy in everyday living and working

She is the author of 2 best-selling books; Passionate Longevity: The 10 Secrets to Growing Younger and Use the Good Dishes: Finding Joy in Everyday Life

Dr. Dembe attended McMaster University and graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

As a coach and longevity specialist helps individuals find strategies to reach optimal health and wellness. Someone who practices what she preaches, Dr. Dembe pursues an active life having run almost 20 marathons, hiked many mountains including reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

With her prescription for a personal and work life filled with passion, purpose and joy, this ‘cheerleader for life’ will inspire you to be your best.


    By the time you finish this highly acclaimed book, you will know what you need to do to age successfully. So grab an imaginary suitcase, turn the page, and get ready for the journey for the rest of you life. Dr. Dembe reveals the secrets of aging well whether you are 35, 55 or 75. How do we ensure that we live lives that are healthy, happy, productive, and passionate? In researching the answers, Dr. Dembe interviews and finds inspiration from exceptional, wise, extraordinary, outrageous and remarkable individuals. In this book, she explores, among other facets, our intellect, emotions, relationships, activities, diet, fitness, healing, creativity and spirituality to unlock the ten most important secrets.


    Are you waiting for an event in the future to make you happy? Are you postponing joy until you meet the right person, or have more time or enough money? Dr. Elaine Dembe, the The L.I.F.E. Doctor™, reveals how joy is not contingent on any one thing and that life itself is a celebration for those aware of the happiness that can be found in everyday life. Dr. Dembe shares insights of dozens of extraordinary “sages” and features wisdom from Deepak Chopra, Mickey Rooney, June Callwood, and Robert Munch, among others. She shows us how to value the process over the outcome, how to embrace change, how to cherish all experiences, even the painful ones, and how to celebrate the extraordinary moments that befall us every day. When we ‘use the good dishes,’ we are well on the way to awakening within ourselves the true meaning of joy.

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