Dave Hepburn, MD

Physician, Former National Medical Radio Host, Medical Marijuana Expert, Author

Dave Hepburn, MD

Dr. Dave Hepburn is one of Canada's foremost authorities on Medical Cannabis and is a highly sought after speaker addressing topics on health, regulatory and policy issues and the business impact of this highly dynamic growth industry.

As the influential CEO of International Medical Cannabis Advisors ( IMCA), Dr. Dave is a consultant to licensed producers of Cannabis, International Governments, Stakeholders and Businesses affected by the National Policies on Cannabis.  His expertise and up to date knowledge in this constantly changing field makes his keynote of interest to many including medical specialists of all types, the general public and to corporations seeking to accurately understand and assimilate this rapidly evolving issue and it's impact on the Workplace. 

Since retiring his general practice a few years ago, Dr. Dave has been traveling Canada, educating fellow physicians of all speciaties on why, how and when to prescribe medical marijuana.  He is a popular speaker at conferences and to vested interest groups.  He presents topics ranging from practical concerns to scientific understanding and everyday issues that affect business.  His goal is to leave no question unanswered. 

Dr. Dave is best known for Wisequacks, the nationally syndicated comic radio show he co-hosted with Dr. Rob Sealey.  He was the medical authority on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) Canada show Buy.O.Logic and was an award winning syndicated columnist to more than 100 newspapers across the United States and Canada.

He is a recipient of the prestigious Canadian Community Newspaper Association columnist of the year award as well as the Arizona Newspaper Association columnist of the year. He is the author of The Doctor Is In(sane) which was released in April 2009 and nominated for several book awards.

A Canadian naval surgeon in the Persian Gulf War in 1991, he served as the doctor for the West Coast fleet for three years. His interest in sports and sports medicine resulted in him being called to be a medical director of the 1994 Commonwealth Games and a team physician in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. 





    There is a fountain of youth and in this keynote, Dr. Dave shares what you must do to die young at an old age.   He will expose the facts and stats that are based on medical research, the most current studies of anti aging from around the world and very practical advice that anyone can follow.  Audiences will laugh and learn as Dr. Dave shares how to avoid the big 3, why being a grump is doing you more of a disadvantage than the people around you, what 8 numbers you need to know about yourself and how to enjoy rather than endure living to 100!


    Having your company, and all who work for it, understand how to harness the inevitable stress of business and of life is essential to superior personal and corporate health. Using the template of the Harvard Business Review, medical doctor David Hepburn teaches how to identify the symptoms of negative stress (distress), while capitalizing on the positive stress (eustress) that benefits the body. He shares his 16 point method of avoiding the ravages of unmitigated negative stress to help you and your company thrive during change and when reaching high performance levels instead of experiencing severe burnout.  


    The ever increasing use of cannabis, both medical and recreational, legal and otherwise, means more consumption in the workplace. The upsurge of employees using cannabis in it's various incarnations, makes it essential for Corporate Leaders and HR Departments to be aware of the differences between the various types of usage, when it might be acceptable (and when it is not), the effects on the worker, coworkers and other workplace implications. This informative talk will address issues including smoke and odor to safety and impairment, motivation, delivery mechanisms and under what circumstances can cannabis improve performance at work.



    The Truth and Reconciliation report calls for urgent action to treat the chronic dis-eases specific to Indigenous communities, a damaging legacy of the Indian Act and Residential School travesty.  Dr. Dave shares that is it possible to reverse the alarming health disparity that exists between First Nations and the Canadian norm. The first step is for First Nation audiences to return to the Wisdom and Values of their Elders and the Traditional Healing methods that served their communities for centuries.  He explains why it's so important to resume a connection to Nature and the land in order for these communities to stop the devastation of preventable diseases. Dr. Dave shares what else can be done to effect Health and Reconciliation through adhering to the Traditional principles involving the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental ways that directly impact quality and quantity of life


    Recognizing the intimate connection between dis-ease and disease, distress and stress can mean an increase in both the quality of health and quantity of life. The physical and mental ravages of unremitting stress play a large role in every aspect of our lives. Understanding the 16 points to prevent, mitigate and treat stress, whether as a person, a family or a complete corporation is one of the keys to enjoying rather enduring our day to day lives. Having these tools to fortify and exercise resilience in the face of a rapidly changing world, is the key to successfully buffering routine or unexpected negative stressors.

Dr. Hepburn is a fantastic speaker and a very laid back and personable man. The delegates and the staff absolutely adored him and we are happy to have had him as part of this conference. His humour is infectious and the NHPC is really happy to have chosen him as our keynote. Dr. Dave is super and he even sat down after the keynote to chat with our staff; it is rare to meet a speaker who is so down to earth. Our expectations were exceeded and we would 100% recommend him.
Anna Agnieszka Urbanajc, Education and Events Coordinator
Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC)
It was a pleasure hosting Dr David Hepburn. He was a hit! He kept everyone in stitches but maintained his point. I think I saw a paradigm shift occur in many people in attendance.
Town of Hinton, AB

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