Danie Beaulieu

Specialist in the field of Parenting, Couples Therapy and Relationships

Danie Beaulieu

Danie Beaulieu, Ph.D. is the founder and president of Académie Impact, a training institute specializing in innovative, multisensory intervention and teaching methods.   She specializes in the field of parenting, couples and relationships.

She is the co-developer of Impact Therapy and Eye Movement Integration Therapy and has published seventeen books and articles on these and other creative techniques.  She is currently the only person authorized to teach these two approaches in Canada.

Her most recent project is the Psyboutique, a collection of original multisensory tools and toys with “added psychological value” for therapy and personal growth.

In addition to giving numerous conferences and workshops to teachers, therapists, counselors and general audiences in Canada each year, Dr. Beaulieu is a highly sought-after international trainer, presenting workshops throughout North America, Africa and Europe.

She is regularly invited to present as keynote speaker and is recognized for her dynamic style, sense of humour and ability to make complex phenomenons simple and easy to understand and apply. 

  1. Building Your Pride

    Discover a whole new way of thinking about P.R.I.D.E. by learning of the connections between P.R.I.D.E. and the Proactive force, solidRelationships, the respect of your Identity, thriving for personalDevelopment and a healthy Equilibrium. 

  2. How to stop the cycle of Burnout and Fatigue

    Many life situations can put you in a cycle of doing too much with too few resources, which can ultimately lead to burnout. We’ll look at four energy levels, from flat-out burnout to soaring well-being, and discover the Impact Techniques that will help stop the cycle that keeps you (or your clients) down and get you up and flying!  Come learn about high Impact solutions for burnout and fatigue. Although the causes of burnout may be varied, there are identifiable common elements in the condition. By examining the symptoms and behaviors typical of burnout and fatigue, we can devise effective Impactstrategies to stop the downward spiral and begin the assent toward a healthy, balanced life.

  3. Improve communication and conflict resolution skills

    This energizing presentation will empower participants to improve their relationships with others and to manage conflicts better. Common situations in family, professional, parental and love relationships will be presented with humor and realism to illustrate the use of a multitude of new tools for your communication toolbox. You will examine relationships using a scale from 0 to 10, from truly terrible to super-satisfying.  Next step is breaking this down into five steps, presenting the signs and symptoms for each level, the strategies that most people use in relationships at each level – and the results that they obtain.Learn to use unique Impact Techniques, specifically designed for application in interpersonal relationships.