Bill Baker

Strategic Storyteller, Brand Strategist and Entrepreneur

Bill Baker

Since Bill first learned to talk, he has been telling stories: to grandparents, teachers, bus drivers, that nice lady at the grocery store…anyone who would listen. Early on, Bill recognized the profound impact that stories had on people, and how different stories would generate different responses.

This penchant for storytelling continued into his professional career as Bill started using stories not only in his day-to-day communications, but also in his strategic brand planning efforts. As these worlds of brand strategy and storytelling collided, Bill founded BB&Co Strategic Storytelling specifically to help companies and their leaders bring more meaning, focus and productivity to their work, and therefore their workforce…strategically using the power of storytelling to do so.

Based in Vancouver, BB&Co is a boutique strategic storytelling consultancy that works with clients all over the world, helping them uncover the unique story of their brand or branded initiative and develop their leaders. BB&Co also provides storytelling training to executives and managers of many Fortune 500 companies, helping them understand how to use storytelling strategically to increase the impact and uptake of their communications.

BB&Co Clients include GE, Coca-Cola, Relais & Châteaux, TELUS, Prudential, Cisco, Hilton Worldwide, Travel Alberta, Pfizer, Canada Beef, The Thayer Leadership Group at West Point, Royal Botanical Gardens, the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, Irvine Company and Vancouver Aquarium.

An American by birth (a Canadian by choice), Bill spent the first 10 years of his career working in New York City managing global accounts for large multinational agencies such as Grey, Lowe & Partners, and Saatchi & Saatchi. Before starting BB&Co, Bill was part of the Global Planning Group of DDB Worldwide where he helped redefine and deploy the suite of strategic and brand planning tools used across the agency’s 205 offices across the globe. He also spent seven years as Managing Director of the Vancouver office of DDB, leading anywhere from 150 to 200 employees. He holds a BA from Bowdoin College in Maine and attend the Sorbonne in Paris and Albert Ludwigs Universistät in Freiburg, Germany. Bill sits on the Board of Directors for the Alzheimer Society of B.C., and is a fervent skier, an aspiring jazz pianist, and an eternally frustrated golfer.

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  1. Leadership Through Storytelling

    Great leaders are not only great communicators, but also great storytellers. However, great storytelling doesn’t just happen by chance; it’s a skill that needs to be informed, developed and practiced. In this engaging and instructive talk, global storytelling instructor, Bill Baker, teaches audiences how to be effective storytellers at work, using stories to improve the impact of their communications and, with that, their ability to persuade, influence, and inspire others. Bill shares the same fundamentals of storytelling he regularly teaches to leaders of Fortune 500 companies, including executives, managers, sales people, scientists, lawyers, finance people, and engineers.

  2. Storytelling to Build Organizational Culture

    At their core, all organizations are human; and humans love to tell stories, to share ideas, make sense of the world, and come together with others to accomplish great things. In this keynote presentation, Bill Baker will explain how companies and organizations can use storytelling to not only set a strategic vision or plan for their future, but also engage and align employees, partners and other stakeholders around it. Bill will walk audiences through a step-by-step process by which they can leverage the power of storytelling to focus their employees on what they’re striving to achieve, while helping them fully understand and embrace their role in that effort.

  3. Building Brands One Story at a Time

    A brand is much more than a logo or tagline; it is the stories people tell about it and the experiences they have with it. But how can you get people telling the right stories about your brand? In this keynote presentation, seasoned brand strategist, Bill Baker, will explain how storytelling can be used to position brands in the marketplace, shape brand experiences, and pull current consumers, potential consumers, and the broader public into them. Bill will demonstrate how the discipline of brand planning combined with the magic of storytelling can serve as the spark that creates movements around brands, propels them forward and increases their value.

We couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick-off our national conference than with Bill’s opening keynote presentation. His talk on leading others with storytelling had the perfect blend of compelling ideas and practical instruction, peppered (of course) with many enlightening and entertaining stories. It brought wonderful energy and insight to our event and to the work we do as dietitians.
Karen Boyd
Regional Director, Dietitians of Canada
To call Bill a ‘speaker’ would be a profound understatement. He is the closest someone can get to being a living, multimedia joyride. Speaking from a foundation of incredible expertise and insight, his clarity, wit, passion and appeal transform his presentations into a true experience.
Mark Harrison
CEO, The Canadian Sponsorship Forum
Our members were truly engaged and inspired by Bill’s keynote presentation at our North American conference. His talk was entertaining as well as informative, as Bill broke down storytelling into core fundamentals that were easy to understand and apply. We appreciated the time Bill took to get to know our business and our members, and to tailor his speech to our industry
Ann Gergen
Executive Director, Association of Government Risk Pools (AGRiP)
Bill’s keynote on storytelling was a wonderful addition to our annual conference. His passion for storytelling was truly contagious. Just as importantly, his guidance and direction helped us all understand how we can use storytelling to strengthen our communications (individually and collectively) and build greater support for affordable housing.
Jill Atkey
CEO, BC Non-Profit Housing Association

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