Anne Beaulieu

Emotional Intelligence Coach and Storyteller

Anne Beaulieu

Anne Beaulieu is an internationally accredited Emotional Intelligence coach and speaker, who delivers self-awareness tools, skills, and techniques that empower us to claim our inner voice and fully take charge of our lives, both business and personal.

Through the art of storytelling, Anne assists us in becoming the leader of our thoughts, our words, our feelings, and our decisions. She safely guides us towards a life filled with worthiness, self-love, freedom, and a deep sense of honouring self and others.

Anne speaks and coaches in English, French, and Chinese Mandarin. She is internationally accredited in:

  • The Coach Training Academy
  • Certified Coaches Alliance
  • International Coach Federation
  • Authentic Speaker Academy for Leadership

Anne embodies what she wishes to see more often in our world: an empowered woman who leads from her own heart success story.

Anne is the author of The Emotionally Intelligent Way© book series. She has presently written twenty-six books to date.

Anne is a leader in the field of Emotional Intelligence. She also holds a master’s degree in Economics, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

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  1. How to Embrace Uncertainty: EQ(Emotional Quotient) Strategies for Managers who want to Shine in the Face of Change

    Have you ever become worried or anxious about a change you thought you couldn’t control? Uncertainty can cause worry (a focus on the past) or anxiety (a focus on the future). This presentation provides self-awareness tools, skills, and techniques aimed at assisting managers in becoming fully present in the now. Because the present moment is all we ever have to deal with change.

  2. EQ(Emotional Quotient) Blueprint For Closing More Sales : How to get Your Customers to Know You, Like You, and Trust You

    As a salesperson, let’s pretend your customers already know you … that’s great! But are they going to like you? I’m sure you are aware, “know” and “like” don’t always go together.

    Now can you think of a celebrity you know and like? Would you put your trust in that celebrity, say, with your children?

    The best leaders inspire trust in others. This presentation provides salespeople with an EQ blueprint to get their customers to trust them with even more business and referrals.

  3. How to Fill Your Tank and Eliminate Compassion Fatigue: How Caregivers can go from Running on Empty to Running on Full

    Have you ever given your everything … poured your all ... into someone you love? While secretly hoping your tank would get refilled in return? Compassion fatigue happens when our tank fails to be refilled properly. This presentation offers self-awareness strategies to rotate our compassion tank to ourselves so we can give and receive compassion when needed.

As an emotional intelligence coach and a strategic thinker what Anne brings to her clients is deep, powerful and practical. She is highly skilled and trained and through her writing and personal story you will see that her own journey has not been an easy one. However, because of her depth of emotional intelligence she has been able to retrieve the true beauty and gifts she brings to all who work with her. Anne serves her private and corporate client in a magnificent manner. She has what it takes to make the kind of impact she is committed to providing for entrepreneurial women. Anne's commitment to her own journey make her a rare and excellent coach because everyday she is walking her talk. I have had the honour of mentoring Anne for the last five years, and I highly recommend her as your emotional intelligence coach
Dov Baron
Inc Magazine Top 100 Leadership Speaker, Bestselling Author, Mentor and Founder of
Anne's professionalism and passion have made a very positive difference in my life
Nahid Hassan-Nejad
SunLife Financial
She was nothing shy of powerful! Thought provoking, she proved to be the “riveting raconteur”, weaving anecdotal humor and pain accented with a joyful smile that was mindful of inclusiveness of us, the audience. Anne is captivating, charismatic, vulnerably bold, and above all, lives her compassion authentically, daily & selflessly. You WANT to see her speak again and again
Steely Springham
13x winning CBBF National Level Canadian Figure Competitor
Though others may share some of the same tools and experience that Anne possesses, few can navigate a lost soul through a confusing emotional forest the way Anne can. Connecting deeply, she looks past the obvious and identifies the hidden, underlying causes of emotional obstacles. With her two greatest strengths, love and compassion, Anne provides a safe environment for all who need support
Trevan Wong
Buck a Shot
Anne Beaulieu has really 'Hit the Nail on the Head'! What a wonderful way to express and explain Emotional Intelligence & to have us look at our own E.I. in a playful manner
Karen Carter
Realtor, Vancouver

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