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Alicia Whalen

Digital marketing expert and speaker Alicia Whalen brings with her a wealth of experience as a digital and social media expert, strategist, and speaker. A pioneer in digital and social media marketing, Alicia has shown some of the world’s largest brands the way forward in an era of intensified social commerce. She has spent over fifteen years working and evolving within this New Conversation Economy, experiencing the digital revolution that has changed the way we work and live our lives from the frontlines.

Alicia has worked with hundreds of brands including Disney, Honeywell, Visit California, Marriott, and many others in her fifteen years in digital marketing. She is at the cutting-edge of conversations around social and digital marketing trends, the rise of social commerce, and the impact of technology on consumer behaviour.

Alicia’s first book, The New Conversation Economy, is set to be published this Spring 2019. It defines the new “conversation economy” that has arisen from the meteoric rise of social and digital media in the past two decades and examines the impact it has had on consumer behaviour. With a message that applies to all businesses, brands and industries, the book explores how this new consumer behaviour affects the strategies marketers must understand in order to thrive in today’s 24/7, omni-channel, customer-first global marketplace.  

By addressing the overwhelm and fear that often comes from change, Whalen presents a simple approach to banishing the fear, identifying where digital transformation is required, what to focus on first, and why, empowering readers to clear the chaos and lean in to the New Conversation Economy.

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  1. GENERATION NOT-ANY-AL: How the Digital Age has created new demographic cohorts, and how this has impacted our ability to adapt and thrive in business

    The first two Industrial Revolutions happened over 40-80 years.  The Digital Revolution in comparison has happened over a short 20 years - and has completely changed the world we live in.  We are adjusting as humans to the complete transformation of our systems of production, management and government systems as technologies merge and the world catches up with digitized systems and processes.

    The rate of change is happening at a different pace across the globe, but one challenge that is consistent is our struggle generationally to work together and manage change.

    What we know:

    • Digital evolution has been faster than any other of the industrial revolutions - and Gen X’ers and Baby boomers are reeling from living thru it.
    • Millennials are the “digital natives” and don’t understand our obsession with them - they want to show up, but they need the support and the guidance.
    • Institutions are reeling as they try to catch up with the pace of change now required to succeed, and be profitable. The rules have changed, and we all need to catch up - FAST

    This session will:

    • Introduce you to the new Cohorts of the Digital Age; The “Not-any-als” the “Digital First Genre’s”, the “Resistors” and the “Adaptors”.”
    • Define the “Human Innovation Gap” that is causing chaos in businesses both large and small, and the factors that lead to failure to thrive in the digital age.
    • Present the qualities and specific challenges that each of the Millennials, Gen X’ers and Baby boomers have been facing as the Digital Age has unfolded in order to illustrate how to bring them together to thrive in the digital age.
    • Outline the steps to unlocking the potential for organizations of any size or structure to close the “Innovation Gap”, and step into the next waves of the digital age.
  2. LINKED, LOCKED AND LOADED: Building brands on Social Media and turning connections into conversions

    Social media is arguably the most powerful business tool available in today's world, with LinkedIn taking its place as the top social media channel for Professionals

    This session will outline how to leverage the power of brand-generated and crowdsourced social media content to drive reach, engagement - and to close the broken path to purchase between social media and conversion. 

    This session will show you how to:

    • Effectively use, as well as prioritize social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
    • Learn the importance of online reputation management, "social selling", and how to leverage social media to create strong brands, nurture customer relationships, and drive sales.
    • How to use LinkedIn as a key tool in building a strong personal and professional brand.
  3. THE CONVERSATION ECONOMY IS CALLING - ARE YOU LISTENING?: How to cut through the social media chaos to be in the right place, at the right time, connecting with the right audiences to thrive in a digitally connected world.

    We have gone from going online, to living online. Consumers of today are hyper-connected to each other, and to brands.  They are moving across multiple platforms, and devices - spending upwards of 5 hours per day texting, posting, liking, sharing, shopping, and having conversations online.  This has ultimately changed consumer behavior.

    As change has been fast, brands have been left clamoring to keep up with the technology, systems, and resources required to manage growth, compete, and drive sales.  In order to meet these expectations, and to prepare for what comes next, brands must create an Omni channel, frictionless brand experience, that allows for multiple consumer touchpoints – while providing “always on” customer service.  It is by actively listening, joining in, and participating in the “conversation economy”, brands can open up the dialogue that leads to customer reach, purchase intent, loyalty, and the building of loyal brand ambassadors. 

    This session will outline how brands can, not just keep up, but thrive within the NEW Conversation Economy:

    • The expectations of the new “digital-first” socially connected customer
    • 4 must dos for brands to cut through the chaos
    • How to prioritize social media channels and integrate into the sales cycle.
    • Who is doing right? 
    • What does success look like?
“Alicia presented at the Ontario Motor Coach Canada Conference 2015 on a topic that sparked social media marketing ideas with our attendees. Her fresh and personable approach provided our audiences with new ways to think, and actionable steps to take with their businesses. I would highly recommend Alicia.”
Mardi Schueler
General Manager | OMCA – Ontario Motor Coach Association
“It was a pleasure to have Alicia address our conference as our closing Keynote Speaker for the 2015 Travel and Tourism Research Association Canada conference. It was a great talk to bring together our thinking on where to next gain value from Social media. I would highly recommend Alicia with her knowledge and enthusiasm for digital and social media marketing.“
Dr. Kelly MacKay
Professor and Associate Dean Research & Graduate Programs | President, Travel and Tourism Research Association of Canada
Alicia is the ideal marketing collaborator. She's creative, energetic, always over-prepared, well ahead of deadline, and a great deal of fun to work with. We recently co-produced a successful webinar for 1000+ registrants and still see engagement with her presentation long after the live event. Alicia is a great go-to partner for digital strategy and marketing tech in hospitality and beyond.
Christopher Wofford
Digital Media Business Development Manager |

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