Alex Bilodeau

Two Time Canadian Freestyle Skiing Olympic Gold Medalist

Alex Bilodeau

When he became the first Canadian athlete in history to win a gold medal on Canadian soil at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Alexandre Bilodeau captured the imagination of an entire nation. In February 2014, he
took part in his last Olympics in Sochi, where he successfully defended his title with the fierce determination he has come to be known form. He became the first repeat Canadian Olympic champion. Alex Bilodeau will forever
be double Olympic champion.

A native of Rosemère, Quebec, Alexandre first fell in love with freestyle skiing when he watched Jean-Luc Brassard compete in Lillehammer. Following in the footsteps of his idol, he became the top Canadian junior in
freestyle at age 14. His career wasn’t always tinged with glory. At times when many would have quit, Alex rolled up his sleeves and worked twice as hard to become the best athlete he could be. His story is rich. When he
shares this story, he talks about the values that took him to the highest peaks of his sport.

In the 2013-2014 season, the last of his career, he finished 2nd at the first three World Cups, in Finland, Calgary and Deer Valley. He then went on to climb the highest step of the podium at events where he had known
previous success in Deer Valley, Lake Placid, and Val-St-Côme. After impressive performances in Japan and Norway 26-yr old Alex won the last World Cup event of his career in La Plagne. Way to leave on a high note!
Alexandre has been working as a professional in accounting and finance at KPMG for the past five years. After building his way up in the business world, he chose to take on a new challenge as an Associate at Walter
Capital Partners. His motto "Dare to dream big" still applies itself to this new endeavor.

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    Bilodeau compelled our nation with his inspiring story of determination, and his personal story of the incredible support around him, including his ever smiling brother Frédéric, born with cerebral palsy.


    Determination in Going for Gold


     What it takes to Overcome Adversity time and time again to Win!

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