Andrew Hargreaves

Educational Researcher, Writer, Consultant, Adviser and best selling Author

Bill Clement

Two-time Stanley Cup Champion, Critically Acclaimed Speaker, Broadcaster, Actor, Entrepreneur and Author

Catherine DeVrye

Top 100 Women of Influence of Australia, Corporate Executive

Daniel Levine

Social and Cultural Trends Expert, Executive Director of the Avant- Guide Institute, Author

Debra DiGiovanni

Award Winning Comedian

Eric Garland

Bilingual Futurist and Economic Trends Expert

Heather Staker

Senior Research Fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute, Expert in Blended Learning

Irshad Manji

Director of the Moral Courage Project, University Professor, Human Rights Activist and Best Selling Author

John Wood

Founder and CEO of Room to Read, Award winning Social Entrepreneur

Jonathan Mooney

President of Project Eye to Eye, Dyslexic writer and Activist