Linden MacIntyre

Giller Prize & Gemini Award Winning Journalist and Author, Former Co-Host of CBC's Fifth Estate and The Journal

Michael Stevenson

Award Winning Leader in Innovation, Former President of Simon Fraser University, International Educator

Michael Ungar

Expert on Raising Resilient Kids, Adult Resilience and Improving Resilience Personally and Professionally

Michelle Dagnino

Generation Y Engagement Expert

Mohamed Fadel Fahmy

Award Winning Journalist Imprisoned in Egypt for 438 Days

Nik Nanos

Leading Canadian Pollster

Peter Bjornson

Education Expert, Teacher and Politician

Roberta Bondar

First Canadian Woman Astronaut in Space, Scientist, Champion of the Environment, Companion to the Order of Canada

Sally Armstrong

Human Rights Activist, Journalist and Award Winning Author.

Scott Barker

Survivor, Motivator, Inspiring Teambuilder